Who needs a job?

A friend of mine recently made a comment about just wanting a job that he didn’t hate given the US job market which values scientific, technical or engineering skill over other abilities.

My reaction was, why does anyone need a job? I like asking questions like this which seem to have obvious answers… Here is my edited reply.

You only need a job because this society goes out of its way to prevent you from living self sustainably. You can’t live anywhere unless you pay for it. You can only pay with money. You can only get money if you get a job (with a few exceptions). If you want a job you have to pay for an education. See how it loops? Vicious circle. Add to that the whole indoctrination that in order to be happy you need a car, a nice PC, a big TV set, blu-ray disk, brand name clothes, i.e. stuff that only multinational corporations can make, and it becomes impossible for people to imagine that it is possible to live a clean, happy, healthy, rewarding life without any of that stuff. Some of it is nice to have, but it isn’t essential for even a high level of comfort and happiness. In fact, it is irrelevant, irrelevant in much the same way that the difference between wearing Levis and wearing Levi knock-offs made at the same factory is irrelevant. It is only a matter of perception, what you believe.
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I have reincarnated my blog, formerly located at this address using a less than ideal hosting provider. Due to the way I have made the transfer, I haven’t been able to import existing content so I have re-posted a few gems and will otherwise start anew. Thus the title of this post. Seeing as we change drastically as people over the years, I think it is quite liberating to simply let go of the less useful trappings that we accumulate in order to allow ourselves to move more freely in whatever new directions we are called to.
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Originally posted in a facebook discussion on the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn in January, 2008.

The fear of death is, perhaps one could say, the root of all “evil”. It is also, ultimately, the root of the more neutral drive to “do something” in a single life time, to leave a mark, to be remembered, which in itself can be a beautiful concept under the right circumstances, but at other times really messes things up. We do what we can, with the understanding that what we can do is logically limited as an individual within the scope of a single life time, and that letting go of a need to change things is I think very liberating, freeing us to focus on changing the only thing we reliably can, ourselves.
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On Being

Originally posted December 31, 2007

The purpose of life is to be.  In being, you express the diversity of creation, and thus fulfill your part in creation.  To be is to express the joy of creation, and to share in that joy.  In being there is no suffering, only joy.

To be means to be who, and how, you really are, and not who you are expected to be, or who you want yourself to be.  To be means to rid yourself of all preconceptions and expectations, all goals and desires, and allow yourself to be, without judgement or restriction of any kind.In being, there is nothing you are meant to do.  Existence is not about doing.  Doing comes from being.  When you are being who you really are, whatever you do will come naturally without thought, without goal, without expectation.

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