I have reincarnated my blog, formerly located at this address using a less than ideal hosting provider. Due to the way I have made the transfer, I haven’t been able to import existing content so I have re-posted a few gems and will otherwise start anew. Thus the title of this post. Seeing as we change drastically as people over the years, I think it is quite liberating to simply let go of the less useful trappings that we accumulate in order to allow ourselves to move more freely in whatever new directions we are called to.

I am using a new wordpress theme as well by one Karenjak which I hope you like.

I will use this new blog to write about my current passions which are the answer to life, the universe, and everything, raising consciousness and awareness (my own and other’s), sustainability in a variety of domains including living, business, etc., and of course technology. I may also mention my Asian ambient acoustic ensemble “Ritual” that performs around Tokyo though this will also have its own site in a few days, again after the move.

I also have a personal wiki which I use as a scratch book for thought experiments and philosophical musings which I will link to as soon as I have finished moving it. I will probably drag some of the more interesting bits onto this blog over the next several days.