THX_019Chris came to Japan in 1988 as part of the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet Band, and proceeded to tour Asia for the next four and a half years performing public and private concerts for USN public relations. After that, he began a career working in the Tokyo IT and Marketing businesses spanning over fifteen years, including work in computer graphics, web development, interactive tv and customer relationship management. After the tragedy of 911, he began to take an interest in “how the world got this way” and began to realize numerous inconvenient truths. Being a risk management specialist at heart, he then began a slow extraction from his “normal” career and now works as a full time translator while trying to live sustainably in the Japanese countryside. His hobbies include playing the Indian bamboo flute “bansuri” and Turkish “kaval” and doing fairly regular yoga and meditation, depending on the weather.

Chris can be contacted on facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.